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Even when you stay silent people can hear you. Your powerful personality doesn’t need any words and that’s why sometimes you come across as cold.

But the depth of your emotions don’t lie, and when asked you can be the best and warmest of friends.

You are thoughtful, deep and kind, but that’s only for those you choose

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Logan - Mismatched shoes by Gen Nee
Logan - Mismatched shoes by Gen Nee

Thank you for taking the Gen Nee personality test

 We loved spending time with you and we want to show you our appreciation. For any purchase of £40 or more, you will receive £20 discount and free shipping* (this means a pair of pumps for only £55 instead of £75, or two pairs of ballerinas for the price of one, or a pair of pumps and one ballerinas for free!)

Apply code LOVEMYTEST at checkout for your discount and free delivery 

valid until 31st May 2018

*free shipping applies to UK, Europe, US

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