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Image-In The World

| Image-in the World capsule collection plays with colours and non-colour to create new symmetries out of harmony rather than sameness. Traditional elements of design go hand in hand with new contrasts and with cheeky, mismatched details.

Let your shoes talk for you |

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Today's agenda

Shifting the attention from the sexual object to the person, with a pair of fashionable mismatched shoes


Our mission is to empower women and men who wear the Gen Nee shoes to promote their self-expression, uniqueness and personality.

"The Gen Nees make you feel unique, and express your uniqueness at a glance."


We believe that to express one's diversity and uniqueness you don't need to compromise on being fashionable and trendy​, and to renounce to beauty and comfort.

"The Gen Nees are fashionable and trendy. They are beautifully designed and super comfortable"

Socially Conscious

The shoe market is highly standardised and we still deal with old conventions, such as high heels being a symbol of women's objectification, and colourful men shoes being labelled as feminine. 

Gen Nee shifts the paradigm of the symmetry between left and right, creating new symmetries out of non-conformity, disrupting conventions, and looking for equality within diversity. 

"We are all different and equal like a pair of Gen Nees"

Gen Nee mismathed shoes philosophy

"Gen Nee is when you enter a room and people start judging you through their mental filters and prejudices. And that happens all the time, especially if you are part of a social, cultural, racial or sexual minority. But then they look at your shoes and all their prejudices, all their conventions break into thousand of pieces, and they have to see the real person in front of them: strong, passionate, unique, revolutionary" (the founder) 


Mismatched Shoes by Gen Nee black and wh



Pois Zebra


The Song sneakers follows you around from day to evening. 

The soft genuine leather makes your feet feel pampered and comfortable. 

The platform supports your back at work and during errands, and its height helps with confidence, making the Song sneakers the perfect accessory to any outfit, from jeans to mid-length and mini skirts, from tea dresses to party outfits.  

The sparkles are super trendy and add some spice to your attire, and the gold and silver, along with the neutral colour laces, make the Song sneakers the go-to shoes for this season

These ankle boots are just your perfect accessory for fall and winter fashion.

The doubly mismatched design makes the most innovative statement. These mismatched 10 cm heels black and white ankle boots will give a kick to your jeans outfit and will be particularly amazing with evening dresses for your party season. 

The name of these slingback sandals comes from a famous song of one of the most beautiful Italian voices, Mina, and they talk about the beauty in diversity and about the special uniqueness of each one of us.

It is simply crazy how beautiful they make your feet and legs, and how the contrasting colours suit your most casual as well as most elegant outfit, making them the perfect day-into-night shoes

The party season is approaching and you want to be ready with these glitter mismatched mary-jane décolleté in rose and gold. The 4 cm heel makes them super comfortable to wear with any party outfit for a really glam and sophisticated look. Your party season will be fuller with sparkle and you will wow everybody! 




They have the potential to show who we are, where we go, what we believe in  

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without compromising on being fashionable, trendy, and without renouncing to beauty and comfort